A paradise in the northwest of Brazil

Morro do Chapéu. Foto de: documentodeviagem.com

Let’s start a trip to Riachão. To begin with, we ask you to close your eyes and imagine a beautiful sunny day in northwestern Brazil. But, do not think that you are in a beach, but in the interior of the state of Maranhão. So we ask you to think that you are in a pool of crystal clear water, in which the only thing you hear is the noise of water falling on a nearby waterfall.

You may think it is a dream. But we are glad to tell you that this is reality. This is Riachão. A region that we all seek to be in full contact with nature.

Now let’s tell a little of your story. Riachão was baptized with this name because it is located on the banks of a stream of very crystalline waters. From April 29, 1835, Riachão became a village. Today is a municipality.

This city is one of the favorite places for tourists looking for adventure, excitement or rest. And all this the visitor will find if they choose to get to know Riachão.

However, an important fact to know is that the best time of year to visit the Riachão is from May to September, because it is considered the dry season. First of all, it is worth knowing that summer in this region is marked by a lot of rain. Of course you can also have fun and take awesome photos also in the summer. But we all know that the storms are very good for our environment, but very uncomfortable for the tourist. It is better to let nature dress up for our enjoyment.

So we invite you to discover this magical place and we are sure you will not regret it!

Chapada das Mesas – National Park

Chapada das Mesas. Photo by: documentosdeviagem.com

The Chapada da Mesas National Park is located in the state of Maranhão, on the border with Tocantins. It is a preservation area that occupies 160,046 hectares, and has a typical vegetation of the Brazilian northwest: the cerrado.

This is undoubtedly a space where fauna and flora are full of animals and plants that retain high value for the ecosystem. There you will find burial forests, a geography of red cliffs, plateaus, valleys, canyons and a series of rock formations that turn into caves, waterfalls and rivers. It is nature fully clothed with charm and beauty. A true charm to the eyes!

In fact, it is good to know that the term “chapada” is a reference to the typical geographic formation of Brazil, a type of mountain range with no ridge due to erosions suffered by time. Many describe them as large tables.

The Chapada das Mesas is considered by many as an Ecological Sanctuary, for all it has to offer. It needs to be preserved because of its numerous and spectacular natural monuments. Now we will introduce you to each one of them.

Blue Well – the crystal clear waters 

Blue Well. Photo by: trilhandomontanhas.com

We started our adventure in Riachão, knowing one of the most beautiful areas of Maranhão, the Chapada das Mesas. It is in this place where we will find the famous well, which is located within a tourist complex: Poço Azul Ecotourism Complex.

Blue well is situated 34 km from the city. Here most of the paths are gravel. For this reason, many prefer to go on 4X4 excursions. Along the way, you will take in some dirt, but all this is offset by the lush beauty of a typical wildlife.

Finally when you get to the Blue Well you will find a huge swimming pool 5 meters deep, all natural, in the middle of a beautiful forest. The visitor can dive in crystal clear waters and discover that the bottom of the lagoon is covered with transparent stones, which allows a greater transparency of the waters.

The waters maintain a temperature of 22 degrees and around them there are small waterfalls, which makes the pool much more inviting. When bathing in this lagoon, the visitor can receive small bites of the fish that live there. It’s a very relaxing feeling!

It is a place that you can go to spend the day. Locals always recommend that you arrive early, because it is a place that fills up a lot.

We emphasize that the complex has an infrastructure with different ecotourism activities. The entrance currently costs R $ 60.00. There you can take impressive photos, walking through the wooden walkways that are in the middle of a jungle gorge.

Blue Charm – A Nature Bath   

Blue Charm. Photo by: ahvocevai.com.br

It is located before Poço Azul, and 6 km from the city, you can go by foot or 4×4 vehicle. However, it is recommended that you hire local guides who are always ready to assist you.

While you are still on the rural road, on the way to Encanto Azul, you may come across foxes, flocks of maritacas, armadillos and couples of siriemas.

The best time to know the pools of Encanto Azul is between 10 and 13 hours, as it is when the rays of sunlight reflect in the water and gives it the magnificent blue color. You will love!

The good news is that the entrance to Encanto Azul is totally free.

Santa Barbara Waterfall – an immense veil of water 

Santa Barbara Waterfall. Photo by: casalcomrodinhasnospes.com.br

Another attraction is the Santa Barbara Waterfall which is close to Poço Azul. It received this name because of its shape to remember a saint. With 76 meters of height, it is a spectacle even for the most distracted tourists that walk there. It is the highest in the region. This place is surrounded by cliffs and lush wildlife.

Morro do Chapéu – trekking on the mountain

Morro do Chapéu Picture of:

This is the highest point of the National Park. It is a place where you will live a great adventure in the middle of an extraordinary scenery. ‘In order to gain access to the highest part of the mountain, you must take a hike up 365 meters.

It is recommended that you go with a guide of the region, who in addition to showing you unique places, will leave the tour more interesting with the anecdotes of mystical legends that circulate in Morro do Chapéu. It is also important that you go with a 4×4 vehicle as the road seems to disappear in some spots.

 Portal da Chapada – a photographic scene

Portal of the Chapada. Photo by: br.pinterest.com

Surely this is where everyone wants to take a sensasional photo taking to the bottom of Morro do Chapéu. Do not you think you should take yours?

Well, the Portal is a rock formation sculpted by erosion. It has a pyramid shaped opening, which becomes the most beautiful view of the National Park. In this place you can sit and see the great extent and beauty of the Brazilian Cerrado.

The suggestion is to visit the Portal in the morning, before sunrise, as it is another spectacle for fans of panoramic photos.

Fallen Stone – Water Adventure 

Waterfall of the Sanctuary Fallen Stone. Photo by: maranhaomaravilha.blogspot.com

First of all, we invite you to also go to the Piedra Caída Complex, near the road, and it has easy access. Incidentally, this place is not in Riachão, it is in the nearby town called Carolina. Anyway, it is a place worth knowing, because it is an ecological sanctuary. The entrance fee is $ 60.00.

For you to arrive in the canyon, the waterfalls of Sanctuary, Porteira and Garrote, you go through a suspension bridge. It stands out the waterfall of the Sanctuary, considered the most beautiful. The reason is the 46-meter drop of water coming out of a large canyon.

Shrine Canyon in Fallen Stone

Cahoerira of the Sanctuary Fallen Stone. Photo by: en.wikipedia.org

Namely, the Piedra Caída complex is one of the best in the region. Even more than there, you will find churasqueiras, lockers, restrooms, shops, restaurants, cable cars and also adventure activities such as zip-lining, mountain biking, hiking, among others. This is a great place to spend the day. Now just enjoy!

Silver Waterfall – an almost untouchable paradise

Waterfall of the Silver. Photo by: cachoeirasecascatas.blogspot.com

Since you are near you can also know the waterfalls that are there. They are part of the National Park but are located within the municipality of Carolina. The first one that we present to you is the Silver Waterfall.

Indeed, this waterfall is situated inside a private area, which you can access paying an entrance fee. But the positive point is that the place has a tourist infrastructure that counts on a confectionery, toilets, among others.

Indeed, depending on the time of year, you will not be able to bathe in the waterfall because of the great flow of water. On the other hand, you will be amazed at the beauty of this small waterfall in the middle of the Park.

São Romão Waterfall – behind the fall

Cascada de São Romão. Photo by: cachoeirasecascatas.blogspot.com

As we continue along the path, we will find the São Romão waterfall. However it is a tour should be done in 4×4 vehicle.

In addition, this is a wonderful place for those who like to live great emotions. That’s because, behind the waterfall, there is a cave. So many venture to discover the mystery of being inside a waterfall. However, others prefer to watch the show outside. So there you can choose what you like the most.

Where to eat in Riachão

Sure, after so much walking and swimming in the waterfalls of the National Park, the Riachão becomes a place to have dinner and rest. Thus, we suggest as restaurants: Restaurant and Pizzeria Casa de Palha, Restaurant Sabor do Nordeste, Steakhouse Brazil.

Hotels and Inns

Below you will find some offers for you to stay, or if you prefer in this  link  you will find the hostels with the best value for money.


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